Underwriters are the foundation of the insurance process by evaluating insurance applications, determining coverage amounts and premium prices. Federated’s profitability depends on selecting and pricing business properly. Underwriters work closely with sales, claims, and risk management departments to make sound business decisions. As an underwriter, you will:

  • Gather and analyze information about a client’s or prospect’s business operations, history, and location
  • Decide what products and services the business needs
  • Determine how much premium must be charged to cover the risk of insuring the business
  • Offer risk management solutions designed to help the business operate safely and profitably
  • Become an expert in the political landscape, legal climate, demographics, economy, environment, and competitiveness of your territory
  • Travel periodically to your territory to gain additional knowledge and work directly with clients and prospects
  • Use exceptional communication skills to build relationships with colleagues and clients

Underwriting Training Program

Federated provides a 20-week classroom and hands-on training designed to teach you the fundamentals of underwriting. Our passion for and knowledge of insurance combined with your energy and commitment to learning will make an incredible, fun and rewarding learning journey. This training program is an investment in you.

  • Phase I: Orientation/Basic Seminar (4 Weeks)
    Your training begins by building a foundation of the insurance industry and company knowledge. In a classroom setting, you will be joined by fellow underwriters while developing an understanding of insurance and risk management.

  • Phase II: Technical Training (11 Weeks)
    Your journey continues by learning about a variety of underwriting concepts, including acceptability, pricing, risk management, and programming.  Each week you will spend one day in the classroom learning about a specific type of business along with a major process. The remainder of your time will be spent in your work area with your team for hands-on practice with assistance from your manager and other team members.

  • Phase III: Practical Application (5 Weeks)
    In Phase III, you will apply the knowledge, skills, and behaviors you have learned in preceding weeks. You will begin working on real-life situations under the direction of your manager and mentor. Before long, you will begin working directly with clients and prospects in your own territory.


Advancement Opportunities

Federated encourages promotion from within, creating opportunities for employees to grow and develop. Your advancement options will be based on your interests, your performance, and Federated’s business needs.


Hiring Process

Learn more about our hiring process, where we share a summary of each step and tips on interviewing to prepare you for potential employment with us.

Career Path

Underwriter career path roles are staffed based on business need and may include the following opportunities:

  • Commercial Underwriter I
  • Commercial Underwriter II
  • Commercial Underwriter III 
  • Trainer
  • Field Commercial Underwriter
  • Special Accounts Underwriter
  • Underwriting Product Analyst
  • Underwriting Manager


“Federated builds a culture of caring while offering opportunities for volunteerism, advancement, competitive pay, continuous learning, and work-life balance. For me, this has led to a long, rewarding career of 25 years . . . and counting.”

Senior Commercial Underwriter