Our Mission

As a mutual insurance company, we believe our value is measured by the success of our clients.


Integrity, teamwork, respect, and equity are the foundational values that support all of our interactions and decision making.

Work Environment

We take pride in our friendly, welcoming, professional, and positive environment, where everyone is valued and appreciated.


Throughout your career, you will be surrounded, encouraged, and supported by others who believe in what we do — and how we do it.

Work Life Balance

At Federated you can have both a successful career and a successful life.

Industry Leader

Enhancing the success of our clients demands that we continue to strive to be the best in the industry. Each individual reaching his/her full potential ensures that our collective corporate value is unmatched.

Financial Strength

We understand that we can only provide unmatched value to our clients and employees with superior financial results.

Mutual Company

Our mutual structure allows us to base our decisions on what is best for our clients and employees, not stockholder returns on investments.

Drive S.A.F.E.R

Join us in putting an end to distracted driving.

Join Our Team

Learn how you can change lives as you help impact the success of businesses across the country.

“Federated challenges me every day and provides opportunities for personal growth. Not only do I enjoy my role, but the people I work with are a second family to me! I truly feel like we are all in this together.”

JoAnn, Field Commercial Underwriter