Risk Management

Risk Management representatives recommend, implement, and promote safety practices that help Federated clients reduce the likelihood of experiencing a loss. They also ensure that the premium Federated’s clients are appropriate and equitable based on the risk.

The two roles within Federated’s Risk Management Department are loss control/prevention consultant and premium auditor.


Loss Control/Prevention Consultant

Loss control/prevention consultants assess and control risk. They are the “eyes and ears” of Federated’s risk management efforts. They help our clients and prospects understand and implement programs/policies that are designed to control and reduce losses.  As a consultant you will:

  • Conduct on-site surveys of businesses and evaluate risk management needs
  • Develop tailored risk management strategies to match the business
  • Recommend, implement, and promote risk management practices that help businesses prevent/reduce losses and workplace injuries
  • Provide client and prospect risk management information to other Federated departments
  • Manage your own territory and work independently

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Premium Auditor

Premium auditors review, analyze and verify Federated clients financial information and business operations.  They make sure Federated clients are paying an appropriate and equitable amount of premium considering the amount of risk that Federated is taking on by insuring them. As an auditor you will:

  • Review audit information (e.g. financial statements, payroll data, inventory values) with Federated’s clients
  • Verify our clients financial information and business operations
  • Analyze information to determine if the client is paying the correct amount of premium
  • Provide client audit information to other Federated departments
  • Manage your own territory and work independently

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Hiring Process

Learn more about our hiring process, where we share a summary of each step and tips on interviewing to prepare you for potential employment with us.

Advancement Opportunities


Both of these positions offer career paths to advance your career in either technical or leadership positions. 

Advancement opportunities are based on knowledge, skills and abilities, driven by the employee, and supported by their supervisor to provide not just a job, but a career!


“I am passionate about the work that we do. We provide our customers with well-trained risk management professionals and superior risk management. Most importantly, our risk management resources help save lives.”

Senior Field Services Coordinator