National Funeral Directors Association

Federated was founded as a trade association promoter and marketer, and we continue that tradition well over a century later. The value we provide is second to none in the insurance industry. National Funeral Directors Association is among the hundreds of trade associations and industry organizations that recommend Federated’s protection. We combine the strength of our shield with the strength of numbers.

Specialized Coverages

  • Exhumation Expense
  • Customers’ Auto Coverage
  • Cyber
  • Business Interruption
  • Employment-Related Practices Liability
  • Commercial and Personal Umbrella
  • Funeral Services Professional Liability Coverage
    (including cemetery liability)

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"Protecting your business and employees is critical to your success and survival. Why not consider Federated and keep your business safe, smart, and financially strong!"

Christine Pepper, CAE Chief Executive Officer

National Funeral Directors Association