Independent Electrical Contractors

Federated was founded as a trade association promoter and marketer, and we continue that tradition well over a century later. The value we provide is second to none in the insurance industry. Independent Electrical Contractors is among the hundreds of trade associations and industry organizations that recommend Federated’s protection. We combine the strength of our shield with the strength of numbers.

Specialized Coverages

  • Business Errors & Omissions
  • Installation Floater
  • Job Site Pollution
  • Cyber
  • Employment-Related Practices Liability
  • Commercial and Personal Umbrella
  • Bid and Performance Bonds

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“Finding an insurance provider for your business can be a challenge. Finding one who understands the unique needs of electrical contractors can prove to be even more difficult. This is an area where Federated excels and has made a commitment to helping you keep your business, your employees, and your bottom line safe. And, they have a proven track record with many of IEC’s members to prove it. For these reasons, IEC has elevated its relationship with Federated to 'Official Partner for Business, Life & Disability Insurance.”

Thayer Long, Executive Director

Independent Electrical Contractors