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Group Medical

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Group Health Products with Value-Added Service

Federated offers business owners affordable employee benefit plans with choices. Our plans include these features:

  • Plans of Choice: Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) - You choose your provider. No referrals needed; no gatekeepers.
  • National PPO Networks: Network doctors available to you while traveling or for children away at school.
  • Open formulary list for prescription drugs: No list that omits certain drugs.
  • Case management for catastrophic claims: We work with you and your providers to make sure care is appropriate and cost-effective.
  • Claims service with personalized, individual attention: When you call our claims office, you speak with a friendly, caring person.

Value-Added Premium Savings Choices

  • Employee Choice: Federated offers employers an opportunity to buy multiple plans for their employees while contributing a defined amount of premium. This allows the employer to better control costs while offering choice to each employee.
  • Quality Service: Local marketing representatives offer quality products and service for all lines of coverage you choose to purchase from Federated.
  • Medical Management Program: Helping you get the right care at the right time in the right setting. Federated partners with a utilization management program to help you make an informed decision about the appropriateness of the care you receive.
  • Prescription Drug Plan: Federated works with Cigna Pharmacy Program, a leading provider of prescription benefit services in the United States. As one of the nation’s leading prescription benefit managers, they are recognized as being at the forefront of pharmacy and medical cost management. Use of preferred brands on your drug list may save you money.
  • Defined Reimbursement Plans (DRP): A DRP offers options to help you and your employees control health care expenses. Freedom Services is available to provide administration services for your DRP.
  • Vision Discount Program: Federated offers this program through Careington International, one of the largest, most comprehensive, privately held discount health care companies in America. The program provides significant savings opportunities across a broad spectrum of vision products and services.

More than 170 local, state, and national trade associations recommend Federated’s group products to their members.


This is general information only and should not be relied on for specific coverage information. The provisions of the policy will determine coverage. Contact your Federated representative for further details.