Risk Management & Premium Audit

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Risk Management representatives recommend, help implement, and promote safety practices that help Federated clients reduce the likelihood of experiencing a loss. Federated’s Risk Management department is called Field Services. There are two roles that are associated with established Career Paths in Field Services: Risk Consultant and Risk Appraiser.

Risk Consultants assess and control risk. They are the “eyes and ears” of Federated’s risk management efforts. Risk Consultants conduct on-site surveys and recommend, implement, and promote safety practices that help Federated policyholders reduce their likelihood of experiencing a loss.

Risk Appraisers provide premium audit services. They review audit information (e.g., financial statements, payroll data, inventory values) with Federated’s policyholders. Risk Appraisers make sure Federated policyholders are paying an appropriate amount of premium considering the amount of risk that Federated is taking on by insuring them.

Characteristics of a Successful Risk Management Representative

Both Risk Consultants and Risk Appraisers need to be able to communicate effectively, build relationships well, and work independently to manage their territory.

  • Risk Consultant: A successful Risk Consultant can also identify and assess situations that pose a risk to policyholders and Federated, as well as influence clients to take action to prevent losses.
  • Risk Appraiser: A successful Risk Appraiser also enjoys working with detailed information and has the ability to analyze information and translate it into pre-established premium formulas.


Federated offers a combination of classroom and field training for Risk Consultants and Risk Appraisers. Classroom training covers basic auditing techniques, loss control principles, underwriting concepts, and Federated’s unique insurance coverage. Field training involves one-on-one field instruction with an experienced trainer to expand understanding and develop skills for applying knowledge and building relationships.

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