Diversity & Inclusion

Pictured above: Federated’s Diversity and Inclusion Team, a group of employees who provide insight and support.

Federated’s culture is grounded in our Four Cornerstones: Equity, Integrity, Teamwork, and Respect. As we strive to create a work environment that embodies these values, we are committed to diversity and inclusion. Diversity is about differences, and at Federated, we value and respect individual differences. Inclusiveness is about leveraging those differences to achieve better results and outcomes for our clients, employees, and communities. Our top priority in recruitment and development of our next generation is to ensure we align ourselves with truly exceptional people who share these values. 

Our diversity and inclusion pillars focus and drive action:

Employee Education and Dialogue

Understanding that education and ongoing dialogue bring diversity and inclusion to our workplace.

Mentorship, Sponsorship, Support

Relational connections that guide, advocate, and support diverse employees within our workplace create an environment for career growth.


Broadening our candidate sourcing and challenging selection practices will increase the number of qualified diverse candidates competing for career opportunities.

Employment Policies and Practices

Ongoing commitment to the assessment of policies and practices to ensure our infrastructure supports all employees.

Community Engagement

Investment in efforts to create inclusive communities best positions Federated to recruit and retain talent.

Learn more about how Federated supports diversity and inclusion in the community.

“Our efforts will bring awareness to racism and discrimination.  They will also provide a safe space for conversations around these issues.” 


“The D&I team’s actions and intentionality will ensure that we bring in new and untapped ideas, perspectives and talent.” 


Diversity and inclusion is woven throughout our philanthropic work. We are committed to strengthening the role we play in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion. At Federated, we currently support inspiring initiatives that promote equality, reinforce our dedication to youth mentoring, and make a meaningful difference within underrepresented communities. Here is a glimpse:

  • Sponsor and/or participate in scholarship and mentorship programs to help build our pipeline of diverse leaders.
    • Wallin Education Partners: Multi-year partnership to establish scholarship funding for underrepresented students who have high potential where cost is a barrier to college access. 
    • MENTOR MN: Financially support their mission and vision to “fuel the quality and quantity of equitable and inclusive developmental relationships for Minnesota's young people by building and elevating the capacity of programs, systems and policies”.
    • MENTOR: Financially support this nationwide mentoring organization whose vision is to “close the mentoring gap and drive equity through quality mentoring relationships for young people”.
    • Federated Challenge┬«: A dedicated corporate effort in which we challenge other companies to join us in championing the transformational work of Big Brothers Big Sisters® agencies in the state of Minnesota and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, creating life-changing mentoring relationships and post-secondary education opportunities.
  • Support employee interests and community based initiatives that help promote inclusion, racial equity, and break the cycle of poverty.
    • Alliance for Greater Equity (Owatonna, MN):  Seed funding to support the organization’s focus on advancing equity and building a cohesive community.
    • Courageous Community Racial Equity Training (Owatonna, MN): Sponsor the participation of employees helping to raise racial awareness and positive community transformation.
    • Inner City Ducks (Minneapolis, MN): Donate to help support youth, as well as promote mentoring and positive sports activities that help break the cycle of poverty.
    • Girls Inc. (Dallas, TX): Actively support employee volunteerism and funding to help inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.
    • We All Play Inclusive Playground: Create a sense of community by contributing to the development of an intergenerational playground for people of all ages and abilities.
    • United Way of Greater Atlanta (Atlanta, GA): Dedicated financial support to an employee-selected racial equity fund.
  • Strategic partnerships:
    • Big Brothers Big Sisters: Committed to taking care of tomorrow by being a catalyst to youth mentoring. We inspire making a difference in the lives of youth to ensure futures are filled with hope, opportunity, and equality. 
    • United Way® (all Federated office locations): Collaborate to help champion a workplace fundraising campaign that supports making all of our communities where we live and work a better place.