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A “One-Stop” Insurance Resource

The adage “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” may sometimes be smart advice, but not when it comes to integrating insurance coverage and risk management strategies for your business.

  • What if an employee is injured in an accident in the course of business while driving a personal vehicle? Is it a workers compensation claim or a health insurance claim? When both coverages are placed with Federated, it’s not an issue.
  • What happens if someone gets hurt in or around a vehicle on your premises? Will your business auto policy or your general liability policy provide coverage? If placed with separate insurance companies, will both companies deny the claim, each pointing to the other? Again, this is not an issue when Federated handles both coverages.

Federated offers clients and prospects a program of complete insurance protection. An uncovered claim—whether a property loss, a lawsuit, death, or permanent disability—can be devastating to a family or business. Providing multiple lines of coverage is a proven method of avoiding coverage gaps and overlapping coverage, which often occur when several insurers are involved.

Federated is one of a few companies positioned to help business owners address their insurance needs in multiple areas. We offer important coverage in three major exposure areas:
- Commercial property and casualty insurance
- Life and disability income insurance
- Group health insurance

In addition to insurance protection, Federated also provides quality risk management services tailored to specific needs of business owners. Our Field Services department works closely with clients and prospects to help them develop habits and practices that can reduce losses and improve work site safety conditions.

While Federated offers a comprehensive array of insurance products and services, there are times when clients and prospects have exposures that are outside of the products available from Federated. In these situations, our marketing representatives often have access to specialty insurance companies and brokers who can handle unique exposures in a number of areas.