Business Insurance Professionals

You will do everything you can to avoid filing a claim. But we’re here for you when you need us. Meet your team. These are the people who will be protecting everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

  • Marketing Representatives — Your local rep knows all the ins and outs of our products. This unrivaled professional will ensure that you have all the coverage you need to protect your business. Find Your Local Representative.
  • Surety Marketing Specialists —Our specialists will do what it takes to get you the right bond for almost any job. We get to know your business goals and design a surety program that supports your objectives.
  • Claims Representatives — Your claims rep is your trusted partner to help you through the process of filing a claim.
  • Risk Consultants — We don’t just protect you when disaster strikes. We help you prevent the disaster altogether. Our risk consultants help you remove as many potential dangers as possible.
  • Risk Management Resource Center — Learn how to promote a culture of risk management in your business with one-on one coaching from our team and access to a library of materials designed to keep your business safe. To order risk management materials, contact our Risk Management Materials department by calling 1-800-838-1760, faxing 1-888-902-7667 or e-mailing the Risk Management Resource Center.
  • Client Contact Center — Need to replace a card or add a vehicle to your policy? How about a little help on getting a claim rolling. You have access to all that and more when you talk to one of our customer service representatives. You can reach us at 1-888-333-4949 or email us at
    • Certificate Center — Your go-to resource for all certificate of insurance and related additional insured endorsements. Our representatives will review your request, determine your needs, and produce the required certificate and endorsements.
  • Special Investigation Unit — Your best line of defense in the fight against fraud. This highly specialized team examines cases where fraud is suspected and takes action if necessary.
  • Association Risk Management Services — You have a team of people who work to ensure that your trade association continues to be a part of our next generation. Find your Account Executive.

Find Your Local Representative