Tanker Rollover - The Point of No Return

A rollover is a professional truck driver’s worst nightmare.  On the big screen, rollovers can be entertaining and dramatic.  But, in real life, they are devastating and tragic. Nearly half of all large truck driver fatalities occur in rollover crashes.

Each time you buckle up, let that be a reminder to ask yourself, “Am I prepared to drive?”  Your life and the lives of others around you depend on this answer.

Federated’s refreshed Tanker Rollover materials encourage you to Think SAFE! While many factors cause accidents, four stand out—Speed, Attention, Fatigue, and Emotion.
Identifying and managing these four factors can help prevent accidents and help ensure you arrive at your destination safely.

YOU are Important to US! - Please Drive Safely

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Published Date:January 01, 2022

Categories: Risk Management Focus

Point of No Return

Log on to mySHIELD ®  to access driving resources including: sample driving and vehicle use policies, our Point of No Return videos, safety meeting materials, and more.