Do Not Disturb

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Utilizing your smartphone’s “Do Not Disturb” functionality is one simple and effective way to prevent distractions behind the wheel. Depending on the type of phone you have, “Do Not Disturb” can not only block incoming texts and calls, it can also send automatic responses indicating that you’re  driving and will return messages when you’re off the road. Read on to learn how to leverage this  powerful tool.

iPhone® Users

Turning “Do Not Disturb” on or off with your iPhone is easy. Simply follow these steps. iPhone users with iOS11 and later can also utilize a feature that senses when you may be driving and will prevent notifications from popping up on screen.

Android Users

Android users can mute sounds, stop vibrations, and block on-screen text message notifications by taking these actions. Users are allowed to customize their “Do Not Disturb” options to limit the  interruptions they find distracting behind the wheel.

Published Date:March 12, 2020

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