Owatonna, Minnesota

Owatonna is a thriving city located one hour south of the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Here, you will enjoy a short commute, affordable housing, more than 700 acres of parks and trails, three golf courses, an arts center, a community theater, numerous restaurants and stores, a water park, a quality school system, a newly constructed hospital and clinic, and a variety of recreational, charitable, civic, and religious organizations.

Geographically, Owatonna sits in the heart of southern Minnesota and is surrounded by farmland. The city experiences four distinct seasons. A variety of temperatures and conditions throughout the year make Owatonna a great place for seasonal sports, and both indoor and outdoor activities.

Live in a town that lines the streets for the annual homecoming parade and packs the stands for Friday night football games. Visit Central Park on Saturday mornings for the farmer's market or Thursday evenings to listen to live music. Our employees do life together at work and in the Owatonna community.