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The Federated Insurance brand communicates our values and strategies to employees, policyholders, prospects, association partners, centers of influence, and the general public. Producing materials with consistency of voice, look, and feel, allows us to develop a basis of familiarity and understanding within the marketplace and differentiate ourselves from competitors. Our marketing creates a strong foundation upon which to further enhance our long and trusted relationships. Our brand further supports our stance as an insurer of choice for businesses in select industries.

Anyone authorized to use our logos, marks, or designs, must comply with the following guidelines:

  • Marks cannot be altered or modified (except for proportional re-sizing). This means you can use the logos only as provided.
  • The stacked logo is preferred.

Federated’s Brand Guidelines govern the use of any and all Federated intellectual property, including but not limited to names, trademarks, service marks, logos, and graphics using Federated’s name. Federated owns all proprietary rights to the intellectual property herein. Use of Federated intellectual property is strictly prohibited unless such use is granted prior written authorization from Federated. These Guidelines are accurate as of April 2019 and subject to change by Federated at any time. You may not sell or otherwise license Federated intellectual property without Federated’s prior written permission. Federated makes no warranties, express or implied, surrounding its intellectual property or use thereof.  By using Federated intellectual property, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Federated harmless from any third party claims surrounding your use of such intellectual property.  Federated assumes no liability for any damages resulting from your use of Federated intellectual property.  Federated may terminate your license to use its intellectual property for any time and for any reason.

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Need Assistance?

Need help or have questions about using our logo? Please contact our Corporate Advertising Department.

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