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Calculator Samples

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Your local Federated representative has access to a variety of tools that help analyze your business risks and help you make informed risk management decisions. Among these are electronic calculators that may be applicable to the unique needs of your business. See Locate Your Federated Representative.

Coinsurance Calculator

Demonstrates how the coinsurance provision found in many insurance policies can have an unexpected negative impact on your claims settlement at the time of loss.

Self-Insured Retention Calculator

Explains the benefit of Federated’s Self-Insured Retention (SIR) program and how an SIR can become a “profit center” for your business.

Hidden Cost of Accidents Analysis

Calculates the full economic cost of accidents—including the hidden costs—and addresses their impact on the profitability of your business.

Auto Dealer Cost of Demonstrator Vehicles Analysis

Calculates the expenses associated with maintaining demonstrator vehicles and shows how reallocating this expense can transfer risk and still provide benefits to key employees.

Effect of the Experience Modification Calculator

Illustrates the impact of your work comp experience modification and how a successful risk management program may positively affect your work comp costs.

Loss Analysis

Provides a sophisticated breakdown of your claims to help you identify loss trends and potential areas of concern.


All products, services, and coverages may not be available in all states. Calculators are protected by copyright laws and unauthorized copying or distribution is strictly prohibited. Terms of the insurance policy will control. Contact your Federated representative for further information.