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Employee Testimonials

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“Federated is large enough to challenge you and provide opportunities, but small enough to retain a family-like environment.” –Joey, Information Services

“To feel successful and fulfilled in a career, I knew you had to work with a product or a service that was valued by society. Every day in the insurance business, you know you are positively impacting the clients and communities you serve. To accomplish this professionally, a great degree of training and education is needed. Federated's Development Training Program gave me the foundation and tools to successfully continue to grow and be rewarded throughout my career.” –Dave, Marketing

“I have been given many opportunities to take leadership roles and work directly with many talented people. Along the way, I have received training and mentoring to help me discover and develop my skills. My hard work and dedication has been rewarded with new opportunities. The strong friendships I have built remind me that I made an excellent decision when I accepted Federated’s job offer.” –Brandi, Information Services

“Service. That is how Federated sets itself apart. I am proud to work for a company that prides itself on business relationships. We continue to provide good service after the sale, not just while trying to obtain new clients.” –Amanda, Claims

“Without a doubt, the time I spent in training provided a solid foundation of knowledge. It allowed me, a 23-year-old kid, to take to the field with the confidence of a veteran. As I have moved into management, I still call upon the knowledge I acquired while in the program, and it is amazing how much those things have stuck with me. I have come to realize that the program has a lot of impact on someone just getting started in a career.” –Stewart, Marketing

“While completing my college education, I did not think insurance would be my first choice of careers. Since starting with Federated, I have a whole new respect for the benefits the insurance industry can provide to families and businesses.” –Todd, Learning Center

“Federated has an excellent training program, which has helped me to be successful in my position. In my role as a CCC Rep, I really enjoy working with our customers. It’s rewarding knowing they appreciate the service we offer.” –Terry, Client Contact Center

“Federated plays a vital role in promoting employee involvement in community events and civic organizations. The company recognizes the personal satisfaction its employees receive from being involved in community activities, and Federated is there to support its employees through donations and allowing time away from the workplace. It’s hard to find any activities in Owatonna where Federated’s presence isn’t felt. Because of this, there is a widespread feeling of respect for the company and its employees throughout the community.” –Larry, Claims

“Federated’s Marketing Development Program set the foundation I needed to succeed as a marketing representative, account executive, and district marketing manager. Federated’s Business Plan and industry vision continue to provide the tools necessary for my success.” –Mark, Field Marketing

“I interviewed with Federated and was very impressed with the knowledge and sincerity of my interviewers. I was also confident that Federated would give me the training necessary to be successful as an underwriter. Pay, benefits, and the company’s financial stability have all been important factors for staying. I have had the opportunity to advance from my original position of underwriting trainee to the position of district underwriting manager in the Phoenix office. I have been challenged at every level along the way.” –Joe, Underwriting

“What really makes Federated stand out are the people. Everyone has been very helpful and friendly to me in the short time I’ve been here. They even invited me to play on a company softball team 2 months prior to my employment date. Federated employees go out of their way to make newcomers feel welcome.” –Tim, Information Services

“I am able to hold a big-city job in a small town, and that is something that I value more than anything. I love the fact that I can leave work and be home in 5 minutes and not have to deal with the headaches of rush-hour traffic.” –Shawn, Actuary

“Through the Claims Development Training Program, I have been equipped with the tools to excel in my role as a claims professional. In addition to the training offered through the Learning Center, there is a strong commitment to on-the-job training—a rare focus for employers today.” –Alisha, Claims

“I am proud to work for a company like Federated that values its employees. This, along with having a challenging and rewarding job, makes me look forward to coming to work!” –Marilyn, Underwriting Support Specialist