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The long-term success of any company depends on its ability to make sound judgments concerning the future. Federated Actuaries use information from our vast database and other sources to analyze the past and predict the future. This work directly affects Federated’s financial statements and premium rates.

Actuaries study and analyze various rating systems and develop new or revised rating and statistical plans. They also report financial and operating results to Federated’s executives, Board of Directors, and regulators.

Characteristics of a Successful Actuary

  • Has analytical and business skills.
  • Has a strong background in math, logic, and problem-solving.
  • Keeps up with business issues and trends.
  • Makes sound decisions.
  • Communicates effectively.


Federated encourages Actuaries to work toward Associate and Fellowship status. The company:

  • Provides study materials and pays for exam fees and exam seminars.
  • Allows up to 35 hours of office study time for each hour of exam time.
  • Gives salary awards for passing scores.

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