Special Accounts

For larger, more complex accounts with greater than 500 employees, Federated’s Special Accounts Department delivers upon our Mission to help our clients succeed.

Highly Trained Special Accounts Consultants

Your company is in a high stakes environment and we understand that avoiding costly disruptions is imperative to achieving success.  It requires knowledge to navigate through the risk that your owners, officers, employees, and company face today.

Specialized Coverage & Programs

Knowledge and experience in your industry is very important.  We specialize in designing programs specific to your needs and desire to take on more risk for long-term reward.  Our programs are tailored to meet your coverage needs as well as find the sweet spot for your business through our program analysis in looking at Guaranteed Cost, Self-Insured Retention, Captive, or Large Deductible Programs.  Allow our highly skilled team to complete an analysis for you.

Special Claims Handling

We know it is important to have prompt and ongoing communication when disaster strikes.  Our Special Accounts Claims team will be there to walk you through the minor reporting procedures to onsite emergencies when you need us most.  We also put an emphasis on quarterly claims reviews to make sure we are moving a claim to closure as well as help implement risk management practices to protect your business from experiencing a similar loss in the future.

Risk Management Support

Our Special Accounts Risk Consultants are available to provide on-site consultations and educate your team on all the resources that we have available to support and strengthen the culture that you have spent countless hours developing.  Our latest addition to our risk management resources is Training Today—a robust Learning Management System designed to support new employee onboarding and ongoing training needs.