Commercial Umbrella

In our increasingly litigious society, multimillion-dollar settlements are not uncommon. Add legal fees and the expense is staggering. An unexpected catastrophe could result in a large judgment against your company. Without adequate protection, your company’s assets (or even your personal assets) could be placed in financial jeopardy.

If you get in an accident and only damage your vehicle, you are probably covered. If you get in an accident and damage five vehicles and injure three drivers, how much do you think the claim will cost? What about a serious slip and fall incident at your business? Jury verdicts keep rising and rising.

Are you exposed?

Do customers come on your premises?

Do your employees work in people’s homes?

Do you work with hazardous products?

Do you have company vehicles?

Do you make a product?

Do you care about your reputation?

A Commercial Umbrella policy extends your policy limits when a third party claimant files suit.

Don’t let a one-time incident become a disaster you can’t recover from.

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