Spring Weather: Protect What Matters Most

Winter has passed, along with its associated hazards. Even though the sun has started shining longer and the birds are chirping, now isn’t the time to let your guard down. Spring comes with its own set of risks.

Threats to homes and businesses vary depending on location, but storms are a threat to every region of the country. Lightning can cause power outages or start fires. Heavy rainfall can inundate waterways and drainage systems, resulting in flash flooding. Tornadoes can rip through communities, injuring or killing people, and causing severe damage to property.

The unexpected nature of many of these events often prevents residents and business owners from protecting their property. But there are a number of measures that will help you get through a sudden disaster and protect what’s most important: your employees, families, and friends.

Make and Practice a Plan
If you haven’t already, take the time to analyze your business and make shelter and evacuation strategies. The type of emergency will dictate if you get out of the way or stay put and find a sturdy place to wait for the disaster to pass. But whatever happens, a plan will help you act quickly when every second counts. Write down all the pertinent information, including nearest exit locations, shelter locations, meet-up spots, and utility shut-off procedures. Make sure plan essentials are posted where everyone can find them.

Prepare an emergency kit and keep it in a place where you will have access to it when you need it. Your kit may include1 a flashlight, a weather radio, extra batteries, a list of important phone numbers, insurance information, and a first-aid kit.

Keep an Eye on the Weather
Arming yourself with information is the surest way to position yourself for safety. Refer to weather websites often for the latest information, and tune into radio or television news outlets regularly for warnings of potential adverse weather events.

The more you know, and the more thorough your preparation, the better chance you, your families, and your employees have of making it through a disaster.

1Source: “Prepare for Spring Weather.” https://www.cdc.gov/features/springweather/index.html. Accessed April 2019.

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Published Date:April 10, 2019

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